The Viral Spread of a New Product or Action

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The adoption of something new, innovative, or undiscovered product
is now largely fueled by people in discussion and maintained by people in

I have used the word discussion in place of social media because I find the words social media to be vague.
It’s just people talking and communicating.

Facebook, twitter, google+, and what is new in the next three months,
allows people to communicate at a lighting fast rate. Ideas and opinions spread quickly.

If this is such a big force, then products and ideas that are put into position to be easily shared have the

Going large scale doesn’t have to rely on large money. Having a good product is going to make the process so much easier, but,
a product that is well received by the public and EASILY SHARED could outperform a product of superior quality!

It is time to recognize the people that talk about your product and give them an easy means to share.

How do we get from point A to Viral? Viral being that out of control word of mouth advertising that marketers dream of.


The adoption of something new, innovative, or undiscovered starts with an individual or small group.
They are the match to the long, long string of fireworks. Quite simply, if something is already adopted by a very large group then it has
already gone main stream.

The individual or small group, to be at maximum effectiveness, will need passion for motivation, knowledge, and execution.

Word of mouth advertising is so strong, that support from communities become the DECIDING FACTOR in many VIRAL pursuits.

Think participating in communities is a waste of time? It would appear CRITICAL to the small business person working to spread his idea
and CRITICAL to a small group working to spread their product.
Interestingly enough, this concept doesn’t only apply to business. In fact, the same process can be used to instigate change in all kinds
of positive ways.

I hope this helps your business perspective or enables you to spread ideas of positive change.

If you found something useful I just please ask that you share it 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Viral Spread of a New Product or Action

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    You are most welcome Marcus. Discussions are important and get people to know each other better. Having that engagement and contact is important. Like the discussions on Blab for instance. We know, like and trust JS allot more now than when we first met him. He shows up to almost all the blabs. See how just showing up helps and discussing of course. It is not a waste of time. I understand how the newbie might think that. But it’s totally not a waste of time. It is enriching, beneficial and fun!


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