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First, I would like to explain what a safelist or mailer is.  They are very much like a traffic exchange in that people are sharing websites with each other.  The main difference is that an email comes before viewing the site.  Members receive emails from other members and a link inside them gives credit for viewing the site within the email.  The credits are then used to send your emails out with your website, ad, or offer.  With this in mind, remember that a lot of emails are going to be coming to your inbox, especially if your a member of multiple mailers.  You might want to create an email address specifically for mailers.

Here are the top mailers that we have selected in which we have had results that we can verify personally.  They are ranked in this image: Top Mailers

1. List Joe
2. List Jumper
3. State of the Art Mailer
4. Adchiever
5. List Surfing
6. List Nerds
7. List Viral
8. List Adventure
9. Viral Nugget
10. Mister Safelist

Want even more Mailers? Here is a program with tons of them from a gal that works hard in the industry:

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5 thoughts on “The Top Safelists / Mailers

  1. John

    Hi Marcus, Thank you for the information. One question that begs an answer is, if everyone send emails, who reads them then?
    To create a new email address due to fact that so many emails are going to be send to you, indicates that the system is flawed.

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Hi there,
      The system isn’t flawed because people visit the new email address to view the emails for credits.

      People that want to send emails themselves or looking for things will read the emails.


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