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Blab – New Video Twitter Interface – Perfect for Your Business!


I’ve been introduced to the most amazing video twitter interface by a friend Robert Arnold and Mr. Olson.  What’s got me all excited is this, Blab. The sites layout is outstanding and the fact that they integrated twitter so well is sweet. You can signup for the site with your twitter account which is amazingly easy and plus it’s Free.


Here is what your home page looks like.  In the top right click on your picture to access your profile and settings.  Of course this is how you edit your profile and find access to your bio that they let you enter.

You will notice immediately that your seeing the on air shows organized by ones that have most views and current viewers.  Each Blab is allowed up to three categories.  I have been enjoying ones marked social media.

On the left hand side from this page you can easily find live shows for the category you select.  You’ll see in the top there is a search bar and some tabs to view live shows, scheduled, and replays.

People are usually pretty polite and exploring the Blabs is normal procedure around the program.  If you need to start a blab just visit the top right of the screen.

Once inside you’ll notice a live chat on the right that shows the pictures of people chatting via their twitter picture.  A sweet feature I like is that you can tweet on the left hand side and it shows tweets from your attendees.  To follow someone on blab just click their picture from the chat and open their profile.  It’s an easy button press.  You will also find that you can follow people on twitter from the same page.  It’s a nice feature in case you like what someone is saying in chat and just the video area.  To follow from the video area just click on the little person sign on their video for an immediate follow(nice).

A couple of commands I picked up:
If you type /q before you type something it will highlight it as a question
If you are on camera by typing /topic you can change the name of a topic
To highlight someone you are talking to, to respond to them, type @theirusername

A novelty is the two hands in the bottom right of each video.  Members can click on it to give props, or show their appreciation for a person on video.

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Register for free on blab using your twitter account here, Register for Blab free from twitter.

Traffic Exchanges 2 Twitter 2 Facebook?

Greetings, there is a striking similarity between traffic exchanges and facebook, twitter, etc.  I know, your thinking I’m comparing apples to oranges right now.  What in the world are you talking about?  Traffic exchanges are a community just like the other social media vehicles are, BUT, we just happen to be much smaller.  We are not that big… YET 🙂  If you don’t think TE’s are a community then really you are not participating or you just don’t know how.  Remember the te chats and the Webinars that go on regularly. We meet every Monday through Friday at 6pm eastern for example.

It’s a two way street?  That’s right traffic exchanges are capable of growing facebook and twitter, just as they can grow us(of course they are more critical to our growth).  What I mean is that a member of our community may not be a member of those sites, or in my case, the member may learn to use those sites more.  Bam, they just grew, or bigger bam, our community just grew because your using social media.

In summary, both of these vehicles represent a tremendous place to brand yourself as someone of value to these communities.  Branding yourself with value leads to attraction, and attraction is your RETURN on INVESTMENT that all businesses are looking for.  I hope this increases your awareness of social media and improves your business.

P.S. Adkreator just added a profile to the site. Enter your details and you can automatically have your fb, T, G+, etc. show right below your splash or capture page.  Take advantage!