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Your Unsuccess isn’t because of Unavailable Traffic

As a surfer I can generate over 2,000 credits in an hour.  You can purchase 1,000’s of credits, especially at the Legacy sites, for the price of a cup of coffee. So getting enough traffic shouldn’t EVER be a problem.

Getting exposure in many sites shouldn’t EVER be a problem either. The Legacy Team Coop and Rapid Fire Ads are free traffic cooperation sites.  The members inside it work together to produce a diverse, spread out exposure to 100’s of sites.

What is more of a decision is what to advertise and how.  Your most important choice starts with affiliate product selection and/or Your Website.  Why?  It’s because all of your work promoting leads back to the proper selection.  Would you set up a lemonade stand with just an empty pitcher sitting there and walk all over town posting signs that your lemonade stand is open.  See what I mean?

Now how good of a sign are you going to post for your lemonade stand?  A 5 inch by 5 inch sign with sloppy letters lemonade stand open… No of course not.  Then don’t do it in traffic exchanges or mailers either.  If your new or not experienced then pay someone to design your advertisement.  You can pay from $6 to $50 or even more I’m sure to design one.  I’ll do a page(reasonable quality) for $6, only one per person, if your in a bind.  With experience you could use a program like Adkreator.

Guess what?  Even a reasonable splash page could do poorly.  It’s very important what the page looks like and what it says.  That is why there is easy tracking software to use, Trck.me.  Some advertising concepts might be specific to where your showing them.

Lastly, if you want to increase your results, participate in the community.  Make connections in traffic exchange chats, skype, facebook, and twitter with the like minded people in the industry.  People seeing your ad after they get to know you increases familiarity and potency of your ad.

Want to listen to the companion audio file Podcast to this blog post? Just click the podcast link.

Hope this helps your business.  I want your advertising to work for you!

Online Traffic Tools are Not Enough!


Just understanding your tools such as Adkreator, Trck.me, and Rocket Responder is not enough. Your gonna have to get your business mindset, model, or plan.  Maybe you have gotten your visual recognition out there  by using adkreator with your photo and name.  You have laid that foundation down that you are personable and fun to work with.  You have worked on introducing yourself and aligning yourself with good long term programs.  You are able to track what works and what doesn’t and your email machine is ready to crank em out.  But now what?

Now it’s time, if you have not done it already, is to think about the value that you are going to bring to your member, customer, or signup.  Why should I signup under you?  There are plenty of people out there ready to sign me up.  Are you going to be able to help me, do you know enough about the program in question to help me?  Are you going to have enough time to help me?  Here is how Adkreator can be helpful. I can easily brand a page with my photo and name letting people know they are signing up under me, which if you have done things right, your brand will let people know that you are going to be able to help them. Your ad can also be one of a kind so that it sticks out as a unique page in the advertising arena.

Taking this on to program ownership, what value is your program to me? Are you going to be able to provide me with support if I need it. Will you support your products long term and have potential future development? Are you looking to make a sustainable long term product that I can count on? Tell everyone who you are by what you do and word of mouth moves at the speed of light.  186,000 miles per second is pretty fast!

Go on now. Fill those needs and do it well, then your business will be all the better for it.

Try Try Try Again! That’s How We Did It?


   Legacyhits came out as a shell, right out of the box pretty much when it first began.  Now it is a top ten traffic exchange in the world.  Granted our industry has a lot of growing to do, but it still stands as quite an accomplishment.  The way I did it was to try, try again.  I had to learn what worked and what didn’t.  I had to pay attention to what others were saying and doing.  Most importantly, I had to DECIDE that I was going to make this work.  You’ll hear it said that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and that’s exactly what this industry is.  If you have not DECIDED that your going to make this work and succeed and you don’t intend to do so…  you might as well check out right now.

One tool that is very useful for trying things in advertising is Trck.me  It will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t.  You know that is important, so why on earth would you be on the fence for having a tracking service.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas Edison I believe it was…  I didn’t fail 1000 times at inventing something, I found out 1000 ways that don’t work.

Hope this helps your commitment to your business.

Take the Traffic Exchange Test!


Here is a series of questions you better know the answers to if your serious about this industry.

1. Rate the most likely order of these tasks starting with the lowest then to the highest in potential earnings?  a. Use a specialized downline builder like Cash Surfing Network AND build your list b. just click ptc ads c. just get ptc referrals and earn from them at ptc’s(your downline may be large) d. website ownership

Your answer will be in the form of c,d,a,b you decide, I will accept more than one answer, but, some answers I absolutely will not.

2. Using a capture or squeeze page you collect what most commonly?  a. dates of birth b. favorite hobby c. email addresses d.baseball players names e. social security #’s

3. Using a capture or squeeze page to collect the above answer is commonly known as? a. building a blocks b. building a list c. building a brand d. building a market e. building a beast mail

4. What is the correct answer for the blanks?  Programs can ________ but _________ will remain for you to use.  a. jump through hoops, talk shows b. fall in love, oxygen c. play spins, coin tosses d. fail, lists e. not be created, fire

5. Which program is used to create squeeze pages and splashes?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

6. Which program is used to manage your email subscriptions?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

7. Which program is used to track your results?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

8. True or False: Everyone will eventually become a website owner?

9. Affiliates have which advantages over website owners?

a. they must handle all support requests for a website

b. they don’t have to handle all support requests for a website

c. they have to handle a website design and promotions

d. they don’t have to handle a website design and promotions

e. they must pay for the cost of a server

You made it!  But, did you get all the answers correct?  You’ll have to send me your answers on skype, my id is mcwahl2

Win a bonus splash page showing off your accomplishment by skyping me the right answers.

Want to take Test 2 right now? Pass test 2 to earn your bronze medal for your splash.

Step 4: Branding, Ads, and Tracking

If you went through all of the above material you have made it a very long ways! Many have probably abandoned their mission. Give yourself a pat on the back. It is here that your really going to start thinking about establishing yourself as unique. Your also going to be improving your results. How? You are going to create unique splash pages and track your results so you can improve. The suggested programs include adkreator, which helps to create splash pages easily. Splash pages increase your results because they focus the eyes to the center, load quickly, and grab attention quickly. Use them to advertise your businesses! Now here is a big tip for when your first getting started. Use a professional designer for your splash pages while you learn adkreator. That way you look professional and we keep that mighty brand your building in good order. At the time of writing this, makemysplash.net is well worth the tiny investment to look good with your ads.

The next suggested program is trck.me because it is a program that will track the results you are getting with your ads. It’s hard to be successful unless you have something telling you how well your doing. Keep an eye on your results. Ads get stale and need to be changed out from time to time. You see advertisers doing this all the time. So don’t keep running ads without knowing how well they are doing, use trck.me

Step 5: Budgeting

Before you go spending money wrecklessly here are some tips.  First, I suggest taking a look around in the online world before spending any money.  A little patience will do you well.  That being said I’d like to begin with somebody that has no money or very little.  It is possible to work your way up but it’s going to take work.  Maybe not what you want to hear but that is the reality.  If you have nothing and need to earn money for online business I suggest joining legacyhits.com and going to the following url:
You can establish some money but it will be pretty small amounts in the above course.  Now if you have money to work with I would suggest at least spending 75.00 dollars in tools like adkreator, trck.me, and traffic exchange upgrades.  Making yourself more efficient with upgrades and tracking is well worth it.  Typically an upgrade at a traffic exchange will get you double or more advertising if you surf it.  Tracking obviously makes sure you are running effective ads.  You could wait on the adkreator upgrade until you have time to play with it and learn it.  Take it from many online marketers, be careful what types of businesses you invest in the beginning.  It’s a learning experience.  It’s also a marathon not a sprint.