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Step 11: Communication it’s Critical to Your Success

I mentioned earlier about having a platform to communicate with others such as a blog, an autoresponder, or a membership site.  I believe it’s key to have at least one of these as a minimum.  I wanted to go into this a little deeper.  Making a connection with someone is absolutely vital to your success.  If you don’t make connections I think it will almost guarantee failure.  If you skip over connections than what are you left with… just pure advertising in the surf.  Success comes from building a responsive list that is built on trust.  If you want to mislead those that are trusting you for information it is a sure disaster for online profiting abilities and besides you want to sleep at night right 🙂

So how can we make these critical connections.  There are many ways and why put all your eggs in one basket?  If your serious I think your skype id should be out there for everyone to see.  Why not get your facebook and twitter out there as well.  Use squeeze pages for your auto-responder and remember how crucial design is in advertising.  If you have a membership site use emails to stay in touch with your members.  Do not ignore the social chat as a way of connecting with others in traffic exchanges.  Use comments on others blogs.  Get yourself out there and show people that you are serious about your business.  Invest some time in the business and learn what your list of contacts want as value and your on the sure road to success.

Don’t Forget About Banners!

I think it’s really easy to forget about banners or to believe that they are not worth using for many people.  It’s really a mistake for your business to ignore them.  To begin with, if your paying a designer for a banner it’s cheaper than a splash page.  Next, you will notice a big trade off per credit in a lot of traffic exchanges.  If you get into testing banners, a .02% click through is a low conversion for a click (and this is a low end performing banner), BUT, if your getting say 30 banners per credit then that adds up to .6%.  You just take 30 times the .02.  That’s pretty powerful math wise if you consider a plain splash page performs at .10%  Splash pages are powerful branders but don’t forget that you can easily place your picture along with your banner that you are showing.  If you need help with something like that brandmetool.com does it automatically for you.  So don’t forget about banners and your business will thank you.

Stats Prove it’s Right on the Money! Legacy Team Coop

Greetings folks,

Today’s post is on making money with the legacy team coop.  I think there are some pretty important stats here that people will find eye opening.

First, I want to cover advertising the legacy team coop for commissions.  The best page for doing so from our affiliate area is a video page: Legacy Team Coop Splash #11. In all of the places it has been shown it’s signup rate is 1.9 signups in 10,000 hits. That may not seem that great, but were talking about signups not click throughs. We are also talking about it being advertised in every place it’s been(not just effective spots).

We are not saying that a splash page couldn’t be made to outperform it.. In fact, we encourage you to make your own and outdo us and of course to find signup rates that are better than our overall average.

Do you think affiliates don’t make good money? We have one that has generated hundreds of dollars in legacy team coop commissions alone.

Next, I want to cover using the Legacy Team Coop to advertise the Cash Surfing Network, a huge sales funnel that you can use yourself. The Legacy Team Coop has brought in 187 splash signups and 258 banner signups. The total sales is 791.00 at the Cash Surfing Network from LTC and growing. As you can see, this is an excellent combination to use together. You can use the coop as a free member and if you work hard at it you can win banners and texts. There is really nothing preventing you from using LTC to advertise the Cash Surfing Network.

The best performing Splash at the Cash Surfing Network is #9. It brings in 1.5 signups in 1,000 hits IN ALL PLACES that it has been shown. Don’t get discouraged if your source doesn’t do as well. We have used it in paid to clicks which is incredibly targeted towards that page.

As stated above, we challenge you to outperform this page. In fact, if you outperform #11 at the legacy team coop and #9 for the cash surfing network on a continual basis we would be interested in buying the page from you 🙂

If your interested in more stats on advertising the Cash Surfing Network please check out this previous blog post, CSN Stats http://trafficearning.com/wp/thats-important-email-making-money/

Till next time my friends 🙂

Making Money with $15 or Less?

This is an email I sent out.  I think some of you will love it!

Once set up, it’s a piece of cake 🙂


Got you curious? Here is a game plan that
only costs $15 or less!
Load the 6 core Cash Surfing Network
sites up. Then add Trafficg and
Easyhits4u to the mix.


Have fun surfing our CSN sites which offer
awesome user interaction with prizes, games, and
Then if you happen to be tab surfing just bypass
the long boring timers at eh4u and trafficg. Now
your earning all these credits and cash prizes you
need to put the credits to work. Simple! Just
assign your
credits to the Legacy Team
url link. Your credits
will come in fast and now your blanketing the
with your CSN affiliate page running at the Legacy
Team Coop. Then just wait for your signups to
come in.


Some notes for this strategy:


The best performing CSN Splash is:


If your not earning enough credits you may
want to add in Teracingleague,
Ilovehits, and Startxchange.


Why add those sites? It’s because I am a
master planner 🙂 If you add in those sites now
you can Mega Surf and Nerd Surf for doing
nothing more than setting it up and surfing the
sites together. These supply a free credit


If your surfing 555 pages at the CSN sites
in a day you can collect .05 as a free member or
.15 as an upgraded member. Take the free cash
If you have extra credits at EH4u and Trafficg to
work with then simply assign them to a CSN
affliate page and get guaranteed earnings for
every unique
hit up to your cap using the paid to promote


All this plan costs is the price of a
Traffic King Legacy Team Coop upgrade. Build your
traffic empire up and then upgrade at the six CSN
sites and CSN itself.


I must be a genius 😉


Maybe you can think of a tweak to make this
plan work even better. Bring your ideas or
traffic questions to our 6pm eastern webinar
Free Webinar.


If you liked this email then you might enjoy
this additional reading:








and finally in CSN Training there is a section
getting referrals you might review.
Making money just became a cake walk and FUN!