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Big Thank You to Everyone That Has Made Legacy What it Is

Hope everyone is rocking and rolling this week and I wanted to thank everyone that has helped us get rocking and rolling over the years.  The list is long and if I happen to miss you, sorry in advance.


To all members of the Legacy sites thanks for your tremendous support and loyalty.  A membership site without its members is a ghost town.

Well, the story goes all the way back to Legacyhits.  The traffic exchange script was launched out of the box and thrown online.  If your interested in following the story you can do so at Toptesecrets.

It started on a ventrino script and I’d like to start by thanking Randy Fountain and Randy Ritter for private skype talks.  Randy F. put in at least a good hour just talking to me about script set up.  Thanks to all the people that hooked up with me on skype when I was getting Legacy out there.

A thank you to the TELive now Plus 1 Community is in order.  The group was and is very welcoming.  Thanks for the support and suggestions.  Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina, and Tim Linden thanks to any coaching and help through the years.

Where would we be without our programming people…  thanks to William Miller and Barry Langdon for being there on skype when the “programming crisis’s” would be happening.  Of course, always there for huge problems are Robert Arnold, Josh Ditty, Eric Goettman, and Ryan Langrick.  Those last four programmers deserve a big thank you.  There contributions have been big.

Michael Dell thanks for your support in promoting the Legacy Team Coop.  He, as a solo promoter, secured the number 2 affiliate position.

Thanks to the huge supporters of our webinar.  Names include Rip Van Sky, Barb Delgiudice, Charles Smith, Doug Roehrig, Lynn and Brian, Robert Arnold, Tim Hanson, Richard, Eric Burgoyne, Scott Rohn, Shon Jimenez, Candis Luther, Jean Kopenski, Stephen Dick, Brenda Broyles, Sunny Suggs, Kevin Bailey and many more.

Special thanks to Darren Olander, Jon Nastor, John Bell, KRM(T), Hit2Hit, and Sean Supplee for your support.

Thanks to Ken Locatelli, Rodney Hage, and Corina Ungureanu for their contributions over the years.

And once more, thanks to all the loyal and supportive members of the Legacy sites.  We couldn’t have done anything without you!

Have a Great Week and Thanks All!