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The Mystery of Social Media Followings Solved or Not?


*Please read further than my comic relief.

We will start off with some comedy.  Here is the quote I came up with today.

“Follow me on blab, twitter, and facebook and I will teach you how to increase your followers/reach”.  This answer is what social media experts understand lol.

and here is the answer: Strangely the answer is a repeat of my quote nearly:

“Ask people to follow you on blab, twitter, and facebook and you will teach them how to increase their followers/reach”

and then you give them the answer I just gave you 🙂

Now please politely follow me on the right hand side and we’ll work to solve all your marketing problems. I don’t currently handle psychological problems.

Authors Note: This was a poke of fun at social media EXPERTS.  I don’t claim to be an expert at social media.  Will I discuss it, yes I will.  It can be very effective for your business.  But, come on social media expert…?  The next big social media sensation is months away.  The experts will be brand new.  How can they be an expert?  The game can change in an instant.

Do I think that someone can be exceptional in what is currently being used, yes I do.  But, expert is never a word I would use to describe them.

Two Simple Rules of Social Media: Have conversations with people, you learned that in 1st grade right?  2nd rule: Provide information that helps people, you did your first report in say 5th grade?  Organizing information and making it useful to others is as easy as 5th grade.  However, when you go to write original, helpful information that is a step up, say 11th grade English class.

Online business is as hard as making the decision about what you will specialize in(your product choice).  Could be simple or hard for you to decide, but it’s a critical decision.

Simple Steps After You Have Made Your Choice Above:
1. Online Tools
a. Adkreator Your Splash Page, Squeeze Page, Landing Page Maker
b. Trck.me A simple, effective Tracking tool.
c. Rocket Responder Your Email Collector, Email Sender, the Autoresponder

2. Lead Generation, finding your customers
a. Traffic Exchanges and Traffic Coops located on the 125 x 125 banners to the right
b. Blogging Your Heart Out (Use Word Press, this blog is on it)
c. Social Media (Follow the 2 simple rules listed above or be shunned and exiled)
d. Expensive Paid Search Engine Advertising

Want to talk about this stuff so everyone sees it as EASY?  Come find me on Blab, a video chat site, at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday.

Secret Banner Trick Solves Your Banner Exposure Problem


Here it is, my secret banner trick, now available to all blog readers.  Entering banners and visiting multiple sources is a time consuming process.  However, I’m gonna get you massive banner exposure by visiting just 4 sites.

Ok this is what we are up to.  We will be using a site called BucketsofBanners. So if your up for massive, simple, time saving banner exposure please sign up by clicking on the program if you are not already signed up.

Next, I want you to grab two urls, one is the banner image and the other is the target from the site.

On your left hand menu click on “Get Impressions”. Then select “Banner Exchange Code”. Then click “On Other Sites”.  There is the banner image url and target url that you will need.

Now, the next three traffic exchanges have either a high banner per credit trade off and/or a fast delivery of banners.  So please join Hit Safari, Viking Hits, and Boomingwebsitetraffic.

All you have to do is enter the banner image you got from BucketsofBanners in the banner image slots at the three traffic exchanges above.  Of course, you will be entering the target url you got from BucketsofBanners for the target.  Now all impressions that you send to your banner code will earn you impressions to be shown across a HUGE network of banners thanks to BucketsofBanners!

If you enjoyed this simple, free trick, all I ask is that you share it using the social media buttons below.

Enjoy your FREE, BIG banner exposure!

Till next time

Try Try Try Again! That’s How We Did It?


   Legacyhits came out as a shell, right out of the box pretty much when it first began.  Now it is a top ten traffic exchange in the world.  Granted our industry has a lot of growing to do, but it still stands as quite an accomplishment.  The way I did it was to try, try again.  I had to learn what worked and what didn’t.  I had to pay attention to what others were saying and doing.  Most importantly, I had to DECIDE that I was going to make this work.  You’ll hear it said that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and that’s exactly what this industry is.  If you have not DECIDED that your going to make this work and succeed and you don’t intend to do so…  you might as well check out right now.

One tool that is very useful for trying things in advertising is Trck.me  It will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t.  You know that is important, so why on earth would you be on the fence for having a tracking service.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas Edison I believe it was…  I didn’t fail 1000 times at inventing something, I found out 1000 ways that don’t work.

Hope this helps your commitment to your business.

Step 2- Developing a Platform

While building your online business people need to have a way to find your home base.  People need to see what your doing and how to contact you.  I suggest using a blog.  They are free and fairly easy to set up.  If you need help setting up a blog searching google on it will be easy enough.  People can subscribe to your blog and get updates from you.  My other suggestion is possibly using an autoresponder. Rocket Responder is a low cost, amazingly simple, effective one.  These are just ways that you can communicate with your people that you are trying to provide value to.  In my case, I am the co-owner of a traffic exchange which allows me to email our members.  I consider that my platform and maybe this blog will soon be another one.  Also, think about using facebook, twitter, and google+ to connect and communicate with people.  It is work doing this stuff but having more than one way to communicate is always a plus.

Step 5: Budgeting

Before you go spending money wrecklessly here are some tips.  First, I suggest taking a look around in the online world before spending any money.  A little patience will do you well.  That being said I’d like to begin with somebody that has no money or very little.  It is possible to work your way up but it’s going to take work.  Maybe not what you want to hear but that is the reality.  If you have nothing and need to earn money for online business I suggest joining legacyhits.com and going to the following url:
You can establish some money but it will be pretty small amounts in the above course.  Now if you have money to work with I would suggest at least spending 75.00 dollars in tools like adkreator, trck.me, and traffic exchange upgrades.  Making yourself more efficient with upgrades and tracking is well worth it.  Typically an upgrade at a traffic exchange will get you double or more advertising if you surf it.  Tracking obviously makes sure you are running effective ads.  You could wait on the adkreator upgrade until you have time to play with it and learn it.  Take it from many online marketers, be careful what types of businesses you invest in the beginning.  It’s a learning experience.  It’s also a marathon not a sprint.

Step 6: Networking

Working with other people is important to your success.  One example would be the trading of services such as advertising.  I might agree to advertise your banner on my site in exchange for you advertising my banner on your site.  This type of activity didn’t cost me anything but now I have more advertising.  My point is that often times you can make win win situations just by working with other people.  Perhaps your site gets in on a promotion of another and you let them in on yours.  Be kind to people and most of them will remember that.  It seems that good deeds have a way of coming back around to you.  Hang around successful friends.  It seems we have a way of ending up a lot like our friends. Catch some webinars.  Don’t ignore social chats.  Meeting people can help you both succeed.  Keep your social media up to par.  Skype is an amazing business tool.  I wouldn’t suggest anyone do online business without it.

Step 7: Design

The design of your splash pages, blog, and websites is very important.  We interact with this environment through computer screens not faces and hand shakes.  A good design says that your professional and that you care about your work.  People are attracted to things that look good.  Splashes that look better will get better results.  Websites that look better will get more sales and signups.

Step 9: Free Surfing Bonuses and Cash

Added in to explain earning cash at CSN:

Surf 555 pages at the core six traffic exchanges
to claim your cash reward and network advertising.
Free and upgraded members both get this.


If you do 555, your upgraded at CSN, and you have
a downline member surf 555 you’ll earn cash from them.
Be upgraded in the traffic exchange too and you’ll earn
10X as much.

Core Six: Legacyhits, socialadsurf, ninjasurf, powercashstream, lobbyhits, tophits4u


Step 9 is about taking advantage of surfing bonuses to gain extra advertising.  To me this is a no brainer.  It takes minutes to set up and the long term benefits become outstanding.  I will cover MEGA surfing first.  If you surf legacyhits.com , socialadsurf.com , ninjasurf.net , and Teracingleague together you will get a surfing bonus.  Below I will supply the url’s to your profiles at each site where you need to save your usernames and id numbers to make it work.  Remember your id number is the number at the end of your referral url.  You must be logged into each site to click on these url’s.

Login to these sites first then click on the url’s

Legacyhits: http://legacyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Socialadsurf: http://www.socialadsurf.com/members.php?mf=pf

Ninjasurf.net: http://www.ninjasurf.net/members.php?mf=pf

Teracingleague: http://www.teracingleague.com/members.php?mf=pf

Goettman Surfing Bonus:

Tophits4u.com: http://www.tophits4u.com/members.php?mf=pf

Powercashstream: http://www.powercashstream.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lobbyhits: http://www.lobbyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lords of Lothar: http://www.lordsoflothar.com/members.php?mf=pf

Nerd Surfing Setup:

First Login to Click Track Profit then click the url below:


Cash surf prizes are great too!  Currently, there are plenty of cash prizes to be had by surfing in these sites.  The Click Track Profit cash prizes are called money badges.  Have fun getting more from where you surf!

Step 10: Using Effective Safelists/Mailers

Today’s blog post is pretty simple.  It deals with using another effective traffic source in addition to traffic exchanges.  Here is a brief description of what a safelist/mailer is.  In a safelist, you agree to have your email address receive emails from other members of a safelist.  You can click on these emails and receive credits.  With those credits, you can email members of the safelist with your ad or website.  I highly suggest the safelists that are in brandmetool.com .


Step 11: Communication it’s Critical to Your Success

I mentioned earlier about having a platform to communicate with others such as a blog, an autoresponder, or a membership site.  I believe it’s key to have at least one of these as a minimum.  I wanted to go into this a little deeper.  Making a connection with someone is absolutely vital to your success.  If you don’t make connections I think it will almost guarantee failure.  If you skip over connections than what are you left with… just pure advertising in the surf.  Success comes from building a responsive list that is built on trust.  If you want to mislead those that are trusting you for information it is a sure disaster for online profiting abilities and besides you want to sleep at night right 🙂

So how can we make these critical connections.  There are many ways and why put all your eggs in one basket?  If your serious I think your skype id should be out there for everyone to see.  Why not get your facebook and twitter out there as well.  Use squeeze pages for your auto-responder and remember how crucial design is in advertising.  If you have a membership site use emails to stay in touch with your members.  Do not ignore the social chat as a way of connecting with others in traffic exchanges.  Use comments on others blogs.  Get yourself out there and show people that you are serious about your business.  Invest some time in the business and learn what your list of contacts want as value and your on the sure road to success.