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Step 9: Free Surfing Bonuses and Cash

Added in to explain earning cash at CSN:

Surf 555 pages at the core six traffic exchanges
to claim your cash reward and network advertising.
Free and upgraded members both get this.


If you do 555, your upgraded at CSN, and you have
a downline member surf 555 you’ll earn cash from them.
Be upgraded in the traffic exchange too and you’ll earn
10X as much.

Core Six: Legacyhits, socialadsurf, ninjasurf, powercashstream, lobbyhits, tophits4u


Step 9 is about taking advantage of surfing bonuses to gain extra advertising.  To me this is a no brainer.  It takes minutes to set up and the long term benefits become outstanding.  I will cover MEGA surfing first.  If you surf legacyhits.com , socialadsurf.com , ninjasurf.net , and Teracingleague together you will get a surfing bonus.  Below I will supply the url’s to your profiles at each site where you need to save your usernames and id numbers to make it work.  Remember your id number is the number at the end of your referral url.  You must be logged into each site to click on these url’s.

Login to these sites first then click on the url’s

Legacyhits: http://legacyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Socialadsurf: http://www.socialadsurf.com/members.php?mf=pf

Ninjasurf.net: http://www.ninjasurf.net/members.php?mf=pf

Teracingleague: http://www.teracingleague.com/members.php?mf=pf

Goettman Surfing Bonus:

Tophits4u.com: http://www.tophits4u.com/members.php?mf=pf

Powercashstream: http://www.powercashstream.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lobbyhits: http://www.lobbyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lords of Lothar: http://www.lordsoflothar.com/members.php?mf=pf

Nerd Surfing Setup:

First Login to Click Track Profit then click the url below:


Cash surf prizes are great too!  Currently, there are plenty of cash prizes to be had by surfing in these sites.  The Click Track Profit cash prizes are called money badges.  Have fun getting more from where you surf!