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The Mystery of Social Media Followings Solved or Not?


*Please read further than my comic relief.

We will start off with some comedy.  Here is the quote I came up with today.

“Follow me on blab, twitter, and facebook and I will teach you how to increase your followers/reach”.  This answer is what social media experts understand lol.

and here is the answer: Strangely the answer is a repeat of my quote nearly:

“Ask people to follow you on blab, twitter, and facebook and you will teach them how to increase their followers/reach”

and then you give them the answer I just gave you 🙂

Now please politely follow me on the right hand side and we’ll work to solve all your marketing problems. I don’t currently handle psychological problems.

Authors Note: This was a poke of fun at social media EXPERTS.  I don’t claim to be an expert at social media.  Will I discuss it, yes I will.  It can be very effective for your business.  But, come on social media expert…?  The next big social media sensation is months away.  The experts will be brand new.  How can they be an expert?  The game can change in an instant.

Do I think that someone can be exceptional in what is currently being used, yes I do.  But, expert is never a word I would use to describe them.

Two Simple Rules of Social Media: Have conversations with people, you learned that in 1st grade right?  2nd rule: Provide information that helps people, you did your first report in say 5th grade?  Organizing information and making it useful to others is as easy as 5th grade.  However, when you go to write original, helpful information that is a step up, say 11th grade English class.

Online business is as hard as making the decision about what you will specialize in(your product choice).  Could be simple or hard for you to decide, but it’s a critical decision.

Simple Steps After You Have Made Your Choice Above:
1. Online Tools
a. Adkreator Your Splash Page, Squeeze Page, Landing Page Maker
b. Trck.me A simple, effective Tracking tool.
c. Rocket Responder Your Email Collector, Email Sender, the Autoresponder

2. Lead Generation, finding your customers
a. Traffic Exchanges and Traffic Coops located on the 125 x 125 banners to the right
b. Blogging Your Heart Out (Use Word Press, this blog is on it)
c. Social Media (Follow the 2 simple rules listed above or be shunned and exiled)
d. Expensive Paid Search Engine Advertising

Want to talk about this stuff so everyone sees it as EASY?  Come find me on Blab, a video chat site, at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday.

Information is the New Currency?


In online business, even more so in our industry, information is a currency.  What I mean is it is very valuable.  Think of the traditional give away to collect an email address like an ebook or a free report.  The reason we use information is that it isn’t as costly as say a free pen(or any item you want to sub in here) given to everyone that signs up for your list.  You are simply passing on information from you or another.  It’s instant and close to free.

What is so fascinating with facebook, twitter, etc. is the rate at which communication can happen.  Massive communication is certainly a place where you want your business to be seen and talked about.  Just like collecting email addresses or signups in traffic exchanges, you collect twitter followers and facebook friends by giving value.  Again, with social media, the value you most likely will be providing is information.  Why?  It’s because its instant and close to free.  It can be spread rapidly and easily.

So it would seem that there would be two kinds of marketers that would be killing it in this environment.  One is a pure genius that is coming up with remarkable ideas that everyone wants to share on facebook, twitter, etc. and the other, a huge surprise here, is an organizer of information.

We can all pursue providing killer content from our hearts and minds, but, don’t forget that simply organizing information for others is very valuable, especially online.

Google organizes what we are looking for online and facebook/twitter organizes our communication with friends.  I’d say these organizers are killing it online, making huge businesses.  I’m sure there are countless others.

I hope it helps your business in some way.  🙂