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Where are YOU exactly in traffic exchanges, ptc’s, and mailers?


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Brainstorming again about where our population is and where they are going.  Here is a simple categorization of phases I see people going through.  It also answers the famous question, “How Make Money?” or “How Do I Make Money Online?” by answering how hard are you willing to work, because the answers are out there.

1. A hobbyist viewing ptc ads, surfing for fun, and or dabbling with sending an email there or two in the mailers.  The least serious business person you can think of.  It doesn’t mean this person is not valuable, they spend money in businesses as well.

2. This person has found paid to clicks and is attempting to view enough ads to cash out.   Or perhaps, they have found cash prizes surfing and they are exploring them and attempting to make money by using the traffic they earn in traffic exchanges.  Some mailers offer paid to read as well.  I would expect this type of person to end up advertising standard affiliate pages because they lack the ability, confidence, and or funds to use something different. Tracking is always important, but it’s at this point in the journey that I think a big need will be there.
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3. This person is starting to understand it’s a business out there.  They start to understand the importance of getting referrals or signups, grasping that this is a huge affiliate market.  Competition is being understood.  They understand that they are going to have to provide something of VALUE to be considered before someone else when people are thinking about who to signup under.  Personal branding of them and/or a logo becomes important (of course always is).  This person starts to assert what they stand for, what people can expect from them.  Sometimes appearances are everything in a competitive environment.  A great tool for design is Adkreator. The plus of this is allowing you to create unique advertising pages that stand out. The draw back is that you will probably want to hire someone to create advertisements for you until you are talented with it.

4. Now comes the realization that we want to be in contact with a group of people(List) that believe we offer VALUE. Email marketing allows you to communicate with someone on their schedule. That is a huge plus. With a list of emails of people that have opted in to hear from you, it makes for an excellent platform to pick up signups and sales.  It’s very helpful to have a list in case a program your promoting crashes.  Then your not left with lost work from promoting.  You have a list instead.  Rocket Responder is a great tool for managing your email campaigns.

5. Finally, program ownership will be the last step if ever attempted at all.  Having your own program opens you to making profits from the site itself and it builds you an email list at the same time.  The draw back is putting the design, programming, sales, and support together for it.

Are you interested in an extended explanation of list building and discussion of some of these tools?  Check out Payitkoreward. You also might like Business Model Discussion with Branding.

From Paid to Click to Internet Giant! Simple, Fast, and Easy!

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Here is that magical blog post that covers everything from start to finish on earning money… starting way back at paid to clicks!

We are going to start with the PTCProfessor
There are only three videos to this and then you’ll be a master:

Video 1 PTCProfessor
Video 2 PTCProfessor
Video 3 PTCProfessor

Next up is the Cash Surfing Network.

Here is the quick guide to it:

1. We know your in a hurry to make money, view the fast cash start first:
CSN Video 1

2. How to Surf and Find Your Affiliate Id:
CSN Video 2

3. How do I earn with CSN: Document 15 minutes with CSN

4. Promoting CSN for Money and Growing Your Business:

Then Access Quick Training

5. Please review the masters training and if you have all of that down, then bam
you have a program to help beginners and put you in profit.

I find this program useful in explaining list building, Pay it Koreward.

Finally, when you are the master of masters you can read this top secret information 😉

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Still wanting more information, as of 6/17/2015 we hold live webinars at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday:
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