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Take the Traffic Exchange Test!


Here is a series of questions you better know the answers to if your serious about this industry.

1. Rate the most likely order of these tasks starting with the lowest then to the highest in potential earnings?  a. Use a specialized downline builder like Cash Surfing Network AND build your list b. just click ptc ads c. just get ptc referrals and earn from them at ptc’s(your downline may be large) d. website ownership

Your answer will be in the form of c,d,a,b you decide, I will accept more than one answer, but, some answers I absolutely will not.

2. Using a capture or squeeze page you collect what most commonly?  a. dates of birth b. favorite hobby c. email addresses d.baseball players names e. social security #’s

3. Using a capture or squeeze page to collect the above answer is commonly known as? a. building a blocks b. building a list c. building a brand d. building a market e. building a beast mail

4. What is the correct answer for the blanks?  Programs can ________ but _________ will remain for you to use.  a. jump through hoops, talk shows b. fall in love, oxygen c. play spins, coin tosses d. fail, lists e. not be created, fire

5. Which program is used to create squeeze pages and splashes?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

6. Which program is used to manage your email subscriptions?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

7. Which program is used to track your results?
a. Trck.me b. Rocket Responder c. Adkreator d. Cash Surfing Network

8. True or False: Everyone will eventually become a website owner?

9. Affiliates have which advantages over website owners?

a. they must handle all support requests for a website

b. they don’t have to handle all support requests for a website

c. they have to handle a website design and promotions

d. they don’t have to handle a website design and promotions

e. they must pay for the cost of a server

You made it!  But, did you get all the answers correct?  You’ll have to send me your answers on skype, my id is mcwahl2

Win a bonus splash page showing off your accomplishment by skyping me the right answers.

Want to take Test 2 right now? Pass test 2 to earn your bronze medal for your splash.

Meet Your Destiny in Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, and PTC’s


As you go to build your online business I want you to answer one simple question and I’ll tell you your destiny.  Do you think repeat sales are better than single sales?

If you prefer repeat sales then I know your interested in building a business in which people know and recognize you and your company.  This makes sense to me. I like the feeling of growth.  For example, if I go to introduce a product in an email, I know more people will be listening today then when I first started.

The opposite of this model is creating or promoting programs with a launch and dump mentality or programs that offer us very little value or potential.  You see how this model sets one up for just a singular sale.  This type of person may even want to hide.  You see they are

not concerned about reputation or track record to further their business.  They are interested in that singular sale only.  I’m not saying this type of person can’t make any money, but, I do feel they are not in the best place for their business or even ethics.

To further the example, shady marketers and creators have never reached the level of a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

The greatest business owners have won their audience over and placed themselves in the golden position of repeat sales.

So how do I know your destiny now based on your choice.  It’s because I know if you choose to hide and offer us little you will never reach your full potential and cripple yourself for future earnings.

And if you choose the growth business model, I know exactly what your going to do in the traffic exchange, mailer, and ptc industry for success.  Your going to establish a platform as your home base.  How it looks will depend on your investment, resources, choice, and time.

It’s quite common to see people start in this industry with very little money.  I was one of them.  A common platform beginning for someone with no money is a blog because it is free. Lo and behold it was a blog that brought me to traffic exchanges.

Moving forward, here is an option as promoter/affiliate that uses the Cash Surfing Network in the traffic exchange, mailer, and ptc industry. You see, you can bring members in as a free member and upgrade when you get the confidence and/or needed funds. Your referrals always stay with you and with the Cash King upgrade or above you can mass private message your referrals regularly for communication. You can also rotate the site of your choice for promotion right in the members area of your referrals. We’ve made it pretty easy to start a platform business.

Taking a step further, you may become interested in an auto-responder or building your own program.
The auto-responder can easily be used with the Cash Surfing Network. We have an easy plug in code and save affiliate splash pages available to start a list with CSN as the beginning or core program.

Or you may be building your list with give aways of information. Maybe you’ll use Hot Buck ads and let people know in your subscriber list where you are giving more of them away. Or commonly, you might be giving away a free report to gain people on your list.

Or your list may be built from the program you create.

and if you decide to build a website…

Well, some will be passionate about starting a traffic exchange and even when we warn them that it takes a lot of time and investment and the market is full of competition they will go and do it anyway.(or mailer,ptc)

Some will take risks and try to create a new product and will fail for the most part.

Some will take risks, bring us new products or innovation, and will succeed.

but I know that you will be working with reinventing, innovating, improving, refreshing the now known industry of online traffic outside of search engines.

Designing, Developing, Establishing Yourself, and Advertising, that’s what you’ll be doing. It’s your destiny.

Affiliate Work Made Darn Simple!


Sometimes I just post an email that was sent out if I think it is really good.  I thought this one was worth looking at as a blog post as well.  Enjoy!


Making it Work and it’s Fun?

Well, as I often do I went into deep thought
today about the shape
of the industry. I went through a little thought

Here is a little secret on the Cash Surfing
Network. I’m gonna
put a conservative estimate on upgrades at all six
traffic exchanges at
4.00*6= 24.00 and plus 7.00 upgrade at csn = 31.00
(Just Beg Eric for a special batch deal till he
caves in, jk)

Did you know if you surf 555 daily with this
above set up it amounts to
27.00 a month. That almost makes your upgrades
free. Now if you find 15 active 555
surfers to do the same thing your making 54.00.
That spells 23.00 profit a week
with free upgrades!

If you feeling snazzy you could get lifetime
upgrades at the six tes and get
the no clicker upgrade at csn. Then you don’t
even have to surf to earn 27.00 a month
if you have the 15 active 555 surfing downline.

Now the fun stuff, did you know you can find
Hot Bucks on all six core traffic exchanges?
Did you know you earn the famous XP Badges at each
of the six traffic exchanges? Then, you
can show the two Legacy coop url links and earn XP
badges at those sites and your traffic
gets all over the internet.

You know just read this twice to fully grasp
it. I think its fun and productive.
Now the million dollar question, just what the
heck do you advertise? Well, thats part of
the fun of online business and the decision
obivously effects how much you’ll be making. Here
are some suggestions:

Legacy Team Coop:
Rapid Fire Ads:
A little bit more advanced, a squeeze page to
your list that promotes all these programs and
lets everyone know your helpful hints to online
business. Help with this is so easily found
and explained in the above payitkoreward.

To Your Success,

Cash Surfing Network Team
Eric Goettman, the Brains
Marcus Wahl, the Heart
Ken Locatelli, the Grinder

Login: http://cashsurfingnetwork.com/login.php
Free slot play(chance for money) just for logging
Is there a login spotlight with cash?
How Many PTC Ads Are Available? Find Out…

After logging in just use our quick six easy
at the bottom of the CSN dashboard page to quickly
start surfing all six sites.


Did you make it this far 😉

Have a great week!

Rapid Fire Ads- Your Questions Answered…


When something fairly unique comes along there is bound to be questions.  Here we will try to get at them all.

First off, using RFA is very easy.  You just show the coop url link at a manual live human traffic source, earn traffic, then assign the traffic to your ads.  Below is a more technical explanation of the site.

1. What is Rapid Fire Ads?  It is a member based coop.  By using the rapid fire coop url link we can effectively be shown in tons of places because others are showing their coop url link in different places than us and then we are sharing the traffic. The unique
addition to rapid fire ads, in case you are already using the Legacy Team Coop, is that a massive game is included for our enjoyment that provides competition(advertisers might be interested in its targeting applications as well) and the viewing experience is unique.

2. How do I earn traffic at Rapid Fire Ads?  Simple, you just show your coop url link, which is found in the members area, in traffic exchanges, mailers, and paid to clicks.  The system will keep track of the credits you earn to be shown automatically.

3. Am I allowed to show the coop url link only at the battle ground sites?  NO, you can show the coop url link at any source that has live human manual interaction.

5. What is the surf ratio or trade off for earning traffic that I get if I show the RFA coop url link?  It depends on your membership level.  Free members get a .5 ratio and upgraded members can get up to a 1 credit earned per view.  In addition, you can get silver token bonuses if your team controls battle ground sites.  Silver tokens are naturally awarded for showing the coop url link.  Just control a battle ground and receive a bonus!  Trade silver tokens in for valuables including free advertising!

6. Should you use only RFA and not the Legacy Team Coop?  No.  We think you should use both since they are two different reaches and it means a faster traffic delivery.

8. What are tokens?  Tokens are bought or earned while using the site.  They can be traded in at the store for special site perks, bonuses, and advertising.  You must be logged in first to click the above link.

9. Your question not answered here?  Bring your question to our live webinar at 6pm eastern every Monday-Friday.

From Paid to Click to Internet Giant! Simple, Fast, and Easy!

Greetings Folks,

First use Google Translate(click to translate) if you struggle with English. traducir, अनुवाद, 翻译,

(These videos are highly visual so even if you struggle at English please watch)

Here is that magical blog post that covers everything from start to finish on earning money… starting way back at paid to clicks!

We are going to start with the PTCProfessor
There are only three videos to this and then you’ll be a master:

Video 1 PTCProfessor
Video 2 PTCProfessor
Video 3 PTCProfessor

Next up is the Cash Surfing Network.

Here is the quick guide to it:

1. We know your in a hurry to make money, view the fast cash start first:
CSN Video 1

2. How to Surf and Find Your Affiliate Id:
CSN Video 2

3. How do I earn with CSN: Document 15 minutes with CSN

4. Promoting CSN for Money and Growing Your Business:

Then Access Quick Training

5. Please review the masters training and if you have all of that down, then bam
you have a program to help beginners and put you in profit.

I find this program useful in explaining list building, Pay it Koreward.

Finally, when you are the master of masters you can read this top secret information 😉

Only Internet Masters Should Read This, Please Be Careful

Still wanting more information, as of 6/17/2015 we hold live webinars at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday:
Live Webinar Link, Click Here.

Thought this made a lot of sense for new people that are in ptc’s

Just an email I sent out, but I thought I did a pretty good job on explaining how much more te’s have to offer than
just doing ptc’s…

Clickers your comfortable earning money by
viewing ads. It’s a paid to click 🙂
What if you could take what your doing now and
build a strong online traffic business?
I mean just by doing what your doing now, viewing

The Cash Surfing Network specializes in taking
ptc people and helping them make the
bridge across into a traffic business. Earning
commissions that come in on auto pilot and
repeat sales, for doing nearly exactly the same
thing your doing now, makes a heck
of a lot of sense!

Today there is a login spotlight awarding cash
at CSN, everyday you login you get a
slot machine chance at real cash, everyday you can
run through our banner run getting
cash, and everyday you can advertise at our paid
to promote sites earning. Then when
you get a referral that pays you… all the
better. It’s free to join and you can join up now
and get a $12 signup bonus to start you off!

Cash Surfing Network Features
Guaranteed Profits Everyday
Full Traffic Platform
Fun CSN City Game
Free to Join
Built in System for PTC Referrals

Cash Surfing Network Join Free

We truly work very hard at giving people the tools
to be successful.

Listed next are a couple of all star programs
in the paid to click world.

I find these sites useful as traffic engines but
they have great earning potential for clickers.

First up is the ptc that pays in dollars. This
isn’t a joke, I’ve gotten a 7 dollar ad!
I think this site is going to get more traffic
then neobux eventually. This thing
can build money or advertising for you, a
brilliant site.

Join free from this link:

This is a small guide to the site I made for
Paidverts Help Guide