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Step 7: Design

The design of your splash pages, blog, and websites is very important.  We interact with this environment through computer screens not faces and hand shakes.  A good design says that your professional and that you care about your work.  People are attracted to things that look good.  Splashes that look better will get better results.  Websites that look better will get more sales and signups.

Step 8: Targeting

Targeting is something to think about when you are trying to maximize your results.  It also might explain why you might be getting different results with the same splash page in different traffic exchanges and safelists.  Pay attention to whether a traffic exchange is very social, having a social chat, and focused on user experience with prizes and themes because you would want to gear your ads towards that for success.  An interesting example is click track profit badges.  Many enjoy collecting them so you might get a personalized badge to go along with your ad to gain attention, hence you are targeting them.  Maybe a more direct marketing message would work better in a different type of exchange.  If there are a lot of cash prizes in a te or safelist maybe you would like to outline something about a cash prize in your ad.

Another interesting observation is that you might find better results in traffic exchanges or safelists that tend to be a part of your networking group.  What a great reason to get to know more people and expand your networking group!

Step 10: Using Effective Safelists/Mailers

Today’s blog post is pretty simple.  It deals with using another effective traffic source in addition to traffic exchanges.  Here is a brief description of what a safelist/mailer is.  In a safelist, you agree to have your email address receive emails from other members of a safelist.  You can click on these emails and receive credits.  With those credits, you can email members of the safelist with your ad or website.  I highly suggest the safelists that are in brandmetool.com .