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Low Cost Design for Traffic Exchanges


I just yanked this blurb from the Adkreator members area and put it in a blog post 🙂

Marcus Wahl will be doing designs for those of you that need someone to make your splash pages, squeeze pages and banners.

Opening Prices: Splash Page or Squeeze Page: $6 Banner: $3

In trade for me advertising Marcus’s design services, Marcus has agreed to the placement of the adkreator logo on his work.

Adkreator logo(clickable) will be placed underneath splashes and squeezes. Banners will have a small logo in the bottom right corner clickable.

To make this a winning situation for everyone, the adkreator logo will go to your adkreator referral link.
An example of Marcus’s Work:



Please skype Marcus at mcwahl2 or contact me by support for payment and to give design details.

Hope we can connect on this.