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The Chicken Traffic Coop?


I was looking for a catchy title for today and I decided to play off of co-op and coop.  You would be amazed at the conversation discussing the correct spelling of coop with chicken coop on google.  I checked the spelling 🙂

Anyways, back to business.  This post is the follow up for the blog post right before it: Advanced Traffic Plans- Are You Kicking Butt?

Now I am going to cover CTP XP Hunting, which is the pursuit of the currency/scoring XP. It is a large team competition at CTP. It comes complete with bragging rights and at the end of season 3 a total prize pool of $5,000.00+.

Now watch this amazing formula for getting traffic and XP quickly.

1. Here are the suggested traffic exchanges to go looking for XP and fast traffic delivery.

Startxchange, Thumbvu, Ilovehits, Sweeva, Legacyhits, Socialadsurf, Ninjasurf, Traffic Splash, Tophits4u,TezakTrafficPower, and Listbuildsurf.

You probably won’t ever find more XP than the mother tim tech sites but who says you have to stop at 4 exchanges.  You obviously can surf multiple exchanges at one time.  You can nerd surf all of the above exchanges except socialadsurf, ninja, LBS, trafficsplash, and tezak’s.  You can find XP Badges at all of these sites.  They all have pretty fast traffic delivery.

Now watch this magic trick, by surfing these exchanges a lot you might miss people in the 100’s of traffic sources out there.  No Problem!  You can simply use our membership based traffic coops, Legacy Team Coop and Rapid Fire Ads to extend your reach while you enjoy having the best of the XP race.   AND you get XP Badges at each of these coops for 250, 500, 750, 1000, and 2500 hits to the coop url links which is what earns you the traffic in over 100’s of sources in the first place.  You will notice the badges at the top of the members area at LTC and they pop in and appear in the members area of RFA when you complete the task on a daily basis.

And there is even more, can you believe it?  The Golden Egg is a must have for XP hunting.  The payoff is huge when you find it.  Did you know that if your surfing the above traffic exchanges that 25% of the time you won’t even have to move a muscle to find it.  You would just be able to keep surfing picking it up.

It’s a Gem of a Plan, a Perfect Diamond!

Go XP!

Step 3: Joining Click Track Profit

I suggest joining Click Track Profit. This program is loaded with training and it will also help you build online profits as you learn. Things are broken down into easy steps. There are videos to keep you interested. It is a very useful program.
This blog is actually meant to be viewed after going through Surfing4money. You may not make it there so I have included the Cash Surfing Network here as must have program for traffic exchange success as well.


   To learn about click track profit in depth take a look at one of our active member’s in the community: http://tomwacker.com/ctp-manifesto-a-users-guide/

Step 9: Free Surfing Bonuses and Cash

Added in to explain earning cash at CSN:

Surf 555 pages at the core six traffic exchanges
to claim your cash reward and network advertising.
Free and upgraded members both get this.


If you do 555, your upgraded at CSN, and you have
a downline member surf 555 you’ll earn cash from them.
Be upgraded in the traffic exchange too and you’ll earn
10X as much.

Core Six: Legacyhits, socialadsurf, ninjasurf, powercashstream, lobbyhits, tophits4u


Step 9 is about taking advantage of surfing bonuses to gain extra advertising.  To me this is a no brainer.  It takes minutes to set up and the long term benefits become outstanding.  I will cover MEGA surfing first.  If you surf legacyhits.com , socialadsurf.com , ninjasurf.net , and Teracingleague together you will get a surfing bonus.  Below I will supply the url’s to your profiles at each site where you need to save your usernames and id numbers to make it work.  Remember your id number is the number at the end of your referral url.  You must be logged into each site to click on these url’s.

Login to these sites first then click on the url’s

Legacyhits: http://legacyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Socialadsurf: http://www.socialadsurf.com/members.php?mf=pf

Ninjasurf.net: http://www.ninjasurf.net/members.php?mf=pf

Teracingleague: http://www.teracingleague.com/members.php?mf=pf

Goettman Surfing Bonus:

Tophits4u.com: http://www.tophits4u.com/members.php?mf=pf

Powercashstream: http://www.powercashstream.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lobbyhits: http://www.lobbyhits.com/members.php?mf=pf

Lords of Lothar: http://www.lordsoflothar.com/members.php?mf=pf

Nerd Surfing Setup:

First Login to Click Track Profit then click the url below:


Cash surf prizes are great too!  Currently, there are plenty of cash prizes to be had by surfing in these sites.  The Click Track Profit cash prizes are called money badges.  Have fun getting more from where you surf!

Easyhits4u.com , Trafficg.com , Trafficswarm.com – Traffic Exchanges – Scams, Legit, or Good?


Easyhits4u.com, Trafficg.com, and Trafficswarm.com are very old traffic exchanges.  Traffic exchanges that have been popular and have been given time to mature are good sources of traffic.  At this point in time, and likely into the future, traffic exchanges are filled with advertisements for traffic tools, how to market, and income opportunity.  Keep in mind that the audience you are advertising to is interested in online traffic and marketing, because at the very base of things, these are people interested in getting traffic to their website.

The listed traffic exchanges are not scams.  They are legit and I will cover their strengths and weaknesses.  Easyhits4u.com has been around for ten years as I am writing this here in 2013.  That is a pretty good indicator that they are not disappearing any time soon.  Out of the three companies, Easyhits4u.com is the only one that pays cash for surfing their site.  .30 is paid out for every 1,000 pages surfed.  It’s a nice bonus to have whether you consider this cash important or not.  You can always trade the cash in for more advertising.  The traffic exchange picks up a lot of new members because search engines give them credibility and existing members earn .10 for bringing in a new member.  They are the most visible out of the three that I have seen around.  The new members mean a good reach for your advertising.  A healthy 1/1 surf ratio is given out.  Your referrals to Easyhits4u can earn you residual traffic when they surf the site.

The weakness of Easyhits4u.com is that it is a faceless company.  Who owns the darn thing? 🙂 A much stronger community exists with the Cash Surfing Network and Click Track Profit. Easyhits4u doesn’t have social chat.  Thus, it doesn’t allow members to get closer to each other.  As we are seeing, social interaction among traffic exchange users is a big part of the business.  The owners don’t get involved with their members at Easyhits4u and it will contribute to their decline.

Next up is Trafficg.com  It is another very old traffic exchange.  They pull in a good amount of new members, but less so than easyhits4u.  Search engines give them credibility.  For the listed reasons, they have a good reach for your advertisements.  They offer a good 1/1 surf ratio.

Their weaknesses? Very similar to Easyhits4u.  Who is the owner?  The traffic exchange doesn’t have social chat so it has limited member interaction.  There is a lack of focus on the members.  A community is not present like the Cash Surfing Network and Click Track Profit.

Last and least is Trafficswarm.com  It’s like the other two in the fact that it is a very old traffic exchange.  It’s new members most likely come from it’s credibility given by search engines.  It’s reach makes it attractive, but, as we’ll soon see, it’s not very attractive to me.

Again it’s a faceless owner.  There isn’t a social chat.  I don’t see an emphasis on members.  There is a lack of community AND you accumulate credits for a text ad to be shown instead of your website.  What you’ll soon find out is that only about 10 percent of your credits amount to views of your website!  Credits are used for views of your text ad regardless of whether someone clicks to view it or not.  On top of everything else, I find the upgrade to be expensive.

I think all three traffic exchanges will eventually be passed up by a growing community.  The community that I speak of is the Cash Surfing Network and Click Track Profit.

Quick Tips for Traffic Exchanges:

Use Splash Pages

Brand Yourself

Use a Call to Action

Don’t Use too Much Information

Use Quick Loading Splashes

Don’t Forget about Banners