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That’s an Important Email on Making Money!

I thought this email was important enough for a blog post so here it is..
posted on 10/22/2014

This mail went out to CSN members, but, I’m
guessing that many of you didn’t see it. You can
join the Cash Surfing Network here case
your not in yet.

In an effort to make things super simple I
to pass along some pretty darn helpful info for


Our best splash page performance wise is:



It brings in 1.5 signups in 1,000 hits in
the places that it has been advertised.


Our paid to promote sites are a good place to
looking for new signups:


Easyhits4u- .74 average sales per signup 561


Need to signup?


Trafficswarm- 1.12 average sales per signup


Need to signup?
Traffic Swarm


Trafficg- .32 average sales per signup 65


Need to signup? Traffic G


The great part about advertising csn splashes
at these places is
you make .10 per 1,000 unique hits no matter what.
It doesn’t even matter
if you get a signup. That’s why they call it paid
to promote 😉


These average sales per signup are for CSN
alone, the TOP of the FUNNEL,
When people enter your downlines they can build
residual traffic(free traffic from
them surfing as your referral) and commissions in
the other sites in CSN.


It really is that easy to advertise and earn
with CSN. It does take some time to
build a traffic business and that requires some
patience though. One other helpful tip, you might
try using the personalized CSN splash pages to
emphasize the building of YOUR traffic empire.


Better yet, outperform our best splash page
with your well designed, creative splash page


Have a great week!


P.S. Did you see Lords of Lothar, the new
traffic exchange launch from the Goettman
brothers? The first of it’s
kind and it’s having smashing success! They did
all the work, now you just have to signup and tell
your friends. Easy money 🙂