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Turn People On Not Off – Your Brand with Value


Building your brand is a big deal to your business. But, instead of using the word brand and being vague, let’s define it.
I like to think of brand as presence. I also like to think brand is about recognizing value with YOU.

Now we can brand ourselves with a picture, name, logo, and/or video. A successful brand is one where it is seen and it is connected with strong value.

As a beginner, or relatively new person, I would suggest presenting your target audience with something of very specific value.

A broad subject you won’t have enough experience with and there is also competition in more general fields.  As a first project, you might be the master of the Legacyhits traffic exchange.  Your face, name, and/or video is seen all over connected with Legacyhits and you deliver a masterful understanding and break down of the traffic exchange’s features(the Value).

You back a good program, start to gain trust, your giving value, and then what?

Then you take on another small project or a little broader subject and the snowball of your success is on it’s way.

Did you know value has so many forms?  Have you thought of all these?
1. Clear, Easy to Absorb Information
2. Free Software, or after you have established trust, a paid software suggestion
3. Entertainment
4. Hospitality- Are you respectful, listen, and kind. That’s a value too!

When we become trusted and liked by providing value, then this in a way, grants us permission to make thoughtful suggestions that may lead to sales.

P.S. There is a community out there in traffic exchanges, participate in its chats, make connections in twitter, facebook, skype, and above all else provide value 🙂

Included here is a Podcast, easy to listen to audio file on the above subject.

Step 2- Developing a Platform

While building your online business people need to have a way to find your home base.  People need to see what your doing and how to contact you.  I suggest using a blog.  They are free and fairly easy to set up.  If you need help setting up a blog searching google on it will be easy enough.  People can subscribe to your blog and get updates from you.  My other suggestion is possibly using an autoresponder. Rocket Responder is a low cost, amazingly simple, effective one.  These are just ways that you can communicate with your people that you are trying to provide value to.  In my case, I am the co-owner of a traffic exchange which allows me to email our members.  I consider that my platform and maybe this blog will soon be another one.  Also, think about using facebook, twitter, and google+ to connect and communicate with people.  It is work doing this stuff but having more than one way to communicate is always a plus.

Step 4: Branding, Ads, and Tracking

If you went through all of the above material you have made it a very long ways! Many have probably abandoned their mission. Give yourself a pat on the back. It is here that your really going to start thinking about establishing yourself as unique. Your also going to be improving your results. How? You are going to create unique splash pages and track your results so you can improve. The suggested programs include adkreator, which helps to create splash pages easily. Splash pages increase your results because they focus the eyes to the center, load quickly, and grab attention quickly. Use them to advertise your businesses! Now here is a big tip for when your first getting started. Use a professional designer for your splash pages while you learn adkreator. That way you look professional and we keep that mighty brand your building in good order. At the time of writing this, makemysplash.net is well worth the tiny investment to look good with your ads.

The next suggested program is trck.me because it is a program that will track the results you are getting with your ads. It’s hard to be successful unless you have something telling you how well your doing. Keep an eye on your results. Ads get stale and need to be changed out from time to time. You see advertisers doing this all the time. So don’t keep running ads without knowing how well they are doing, use trck.me