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Power Marketing in 2016… Your Problems Demystified!

marketing in 2016

How Marketing Looked in Late 2015

  1. Original Content Marketing– Bloggers, magazines, company websites, etc. use how to’s, product release information, statistics, and interviews all to drive traffic in to raise brand awareness(a company’s presence), have back door products, and/or collect an email address.

2. Social Media Amplifies Your Message– With sharing networks like facebook having over a billion users, it is a fact that a good network will boost your exposure.  Making things easy to share and establishing a community means a lot of your marketing work is done.

Stunning, useful, original content is best, but, providing useful information to your like minded group is beneficial as well.

Here is What 2016 Will Look Like!

  1. The game stays largely the same, BUT, Video is big.  Video consumption online is huge and growing fast.  Plenty of statistics are out there to back that up.

2. In 2016 a growing importance will be put on Live Streaming Video with platforms that perform like Blab.  Periscope and Snapchat already have 100’s of millions of users!

HERE IS THE BIG REASON:  People want to connect, understand each other, see someone that doesn’t hide, and verify a person understands their subject.

Why? People yearn for the handshake, face each other style of business simply because we are social creatures.  We were made that way.  In addition, the spending of time on phones and computers only fuels the fire.  The need for human connection is there and we are supporting technology that brings us closer to it.

2016 is Yours!  Just be visible in video and don’t leave out live video!




3 Quick Moves for Blab.im Social Media Success

I’ve been using Blab.im for quite a while now. Today we are going to cover three quick moves to get your message out there.

  1. Record your blab– Blab makes it insanely easy to record what you share.  After you start your blab it’s in the upper left to start and end your recording.  Your video will be stored for free.
  2.  Upload to Youtube– One click will upload your video to Youtube.  I love this feature.  After your show has ended just find your recorded show.  I just use the search box for “Legacy Hour”, the name of our show to find it.  I click on it and then on the left hand side I press “Upload to Youtube”.  Amazingly easy.
  3. Download the Audio from an Email from Blab– After recording your show and it has ended, eventually an email will arrive in your registered email with blab.  You can download the audio and video from here.  The audio is in mp3 format and you can easily upload it to a Podcast Site.

That’s it!  Three quick moves to get your message out with blab.

Have an amazing weekend

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Meet People Where THEY are at & Cater to Your Strengths

Why even do social media as a marketer? Duh, that is where ton’s of people are and a good message can be spread quickly for free. Today we’ll talk about using multiple platforms to reach people. The reason we do it is we want to find people where THEY are comfortable and hang out. If people hang out on facebook then I need to be there. If it’s twitter then I need to be there. You get the point. However, at what point does it become too time consuming to try and be EVERYWHERE?

I currently am dedicated to Twitter and Blab, a video platform. But, I also have a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube. Of course, I am probably at places not listed, but, this brings up the point. I shouldn’t try to be absolutely everywhere. It would cost too much time and not have enough return.

I am satisfied hitting the big ones and concentrating where I feel comfortable and strong. I encourage you to make a presence on the traditional social media platforms and to find where you fit in the best. It will help your business grow.

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Blab – New Video Twitter Interface – Perfect for Your Business!


I’ve been introduced to the most amazing video twitter interface by a friend Robert Arnold and Mr. Olson.  What’s got me all excited is this, Blab. The sites layout is outstanding and the fact that they integrated twitter so well is sweet. You can signup for the site with your twitter account which is amazingly easy and plus it’s Free.


Here is what your home page looks like.  In the top right click on your picture to access your profile and settings.  Of course this is how you edit your profile and find access to your bio that they let you enter.

You will notice immediately that your seeing the on air shows organized by ones that have most views and current viewers.  Each Blab is allowed up to three categories.  I have been enjoying ones marked social media.

On the left hand side from this page you can easily find live shows for the category you select.  You’ll see in the top there is a search bar and some tabs to view live shows, scheduled, and replays.

People are usually pretty polite and exploring the Blabs is normal procedure around the program.  If you need to start a blab just visit the top right of the screen.

Once inside you’ll notice a live chat on the right that shows the pictures of people chatting via their twitter picture.  A sweet feature I like is that you can tweet on the left hand side and it shows tweets from your attendees.  To follow someone on blab just click their picture from the chat and open their profile.  It’s an easy button press.  You will also find that you can follow people on twitter from the same page.  It’s a nice feature in case you like what someone is saying in chat and just the video area.  To follow from the video area just click on the little person sign on their video for an immediate follow(nice).

A couple of commands I picked up:
If you type /q before you type something it will highlight it as a question
If you are on camera by typing /topic you can change the name of a topic
To highlight someone you are talking to, to respond to them, type @theirusername

A novelty is the two hands in the bottom right of each video.  Members can click on it to give props, or show their appreciation for a person on video.

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Register for free on blab using your twitter account here, Register for Blab free from twitter.