Step 2- Developing a Platform

While building your online business people need to have a way to find your home base.  People need to see what your doing and how to contact you.  I suggest using a blog.  They are free and fairly easy to set up.  If you need help setting up a blog searching google on it will be easy enough.  People can subscribe to your blog and get updates from you.  My other suggestion is possibly using an autoresponder. Rocket Responder is a low cost, amazingly simple, effective one.  These are just ways that you can communicate with your people that you are trying to provide value to.  In my case, I am the co-owner of a traffic exchange which allows me to email our members.  I consider that my platform and maybe this blog will soon be another one.  Also, think about using facebook, twitter, and google+ to connect and communicate with people.  It is work doing this stuff but having more than one way to communicate is always a plus.

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