Meet People Where THEY are at & Cater to Your Strengths

Why even do social media as a marketer? Duh, that is where ton’s of people are and a good message can be spread quickly for free. Today we’ll talk about using multiple platforms to reach people. The reason we do it is we want to find people where THEY are comfortable and hang out. If people hang out on facebook then I need to be there. If it’s twitter then I need to be there. You get the point. However, at what point does it become too time consuming to try and be EVERYWHERE?

I currently am dedicated to Twitter and Blab, a video platform. But, I also have a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube. Of course, I am probably at places not listed, but, this brings up the point. I shouldn’t try to be absolutely everywhere. It would cost too much time and not have enough return.

I am satisfied hitting the big ones and concentrating where I feel comfortable and strong. I encourage you to make a presence on the traditional social media platforms and to find where you fit in the best. It will help your business grow.

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One thought on “Meet People Where THEY are at & Cater to Your Strengths

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    This is so true Marcus. You will never get known or make any money just advertising standard affiliate pages. And even if you brand you pages you still need to take the time to get to know, like and trust other people. And they get to know, like and trust you. Then you will start making money, but not overnight. It takes time and investment.


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