Guy Hits Hurdle Wrong Good for Viral Business?


As I address this subject further, you may be interested in a previous blog post on viral advertising.

Predictable viral word of mouth advertising begins with the vision of an individual or small group.  I mention the word predictable because a youtube video of a track runner catching a hurdle just the wrong way, if you know what I mean, is well, unplanned*.  Back to executing viral…

*Unless your a goofus that practices shooting a video of you acting like your messing up on a hurdle.  Which crazy enough, I might try if I thought it would further traffic exchanges.

Granted this only had 100,000 views but you get the point.


Now let’s look at the traffic exchange communities, the Cash Surfing Network and the Plus 1 Daily.  The passionate and knowledgeable people meet at webinars currently hosted at Blab.  CSN is at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday and P1D is at 4pm eastern Monday-Thursday.

CSN is headed by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli, Rodney Hage, and Eric Goettman.  Plus 1 Daily is headed by Justin Ledvina, Jon Olson, and Tim Linden.  These are the individual/small groups that see a greater vision for the industry.

Now begins the reaching out process, the spread.  Obviously, there are people that support the webinars or what would be the point of doing them and members support traffic exchanges because that is what makes them work.  We greatly appreciate that support because we understand that without it, there is nothing.  These small groups of passionate supporters reach out to communities they are involved in and the growth process goes further.

Remember, you represent your community.  Might I add that it is value that attracts people and keeps the ball rolling.  Now let’s talk about the vehicle of our message.  We could open our door at home and yell, “Hey, have you heard about traffic exchanges?  They are really great!” but we would probably just bother our neighbors.  Instead, our target is more online as that is where our industry is hosted (I’m not saying that going to a live convention of marketers could not be a productive place to discuss traffic exchanges).

Online methods of reaching communities include facebook, twitter, g+, and linkedin.  These sites have tons of people using them and are full of micro communities.  People gravitate towards picking specialties within these sites and in business because small groups/individuals handle very specific topics well.

The seven of us mentioned above can’t reach every place that we need to be, but, a group can.  Use main stream social media, forums, message boards, emails, and anything that is your specialty, because a larger industry is one that will support your business.

If you see the future with us or enjoyed the article then give it a little social love right below ya. Heck, comment on the post so people see you when they come here.  Let them know your interested in something greater.

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6 thoughts on “Guy Hits Hurdle Wrong Good for Viral Business?

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi Marcus we need to pull together in this industry to make it bigger and better. Kudos to you on mentioning hurdles we need to jump over to get there and changing to being more positive is one of them. Pulling together and working together will bring in more people to our businesses. I don’t think anyone should ever be wasting time and energy being mad or vengeful at anyone. It is a waste of good positive energy that could be helping us all. We all need to move forward for the better of the community and support each other. 🙂

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Thanks for replying Barb. I see you as the exact type of like minded person we are looking for. You know different people that I don’t know and we both would love for them to be involved in traffic exchanges. You see the mutual interest we have, the connection between us.

  2. Noli Panginen

    Your personal touch about explaining how building *viral traffic* is very
    educational and has some sort of funny twist, Marcus. I love that phrase
    above that says: *We could open our door at home and yell, “Hey, have you
    heard about traffic exchanges? They are really great!” …..*

    …that really is funny thing to do 😀

  3. Paul Reynolds

    Well…I was first introduced to Traffic Exchanges quite a while ago now and I am hopelessly lost in them, for me, they are a vital source to get people introduced to the process of creating wealth for themselves.

    I’ve spent a couple of years getting to know about some of the owners, from a distance, especially those who care for their members and their product.

    I remember your first YouTube Video Marcus…and look at you NOW!…you and the gang have all come on in leaps and bounds and so too have your products and services…

    I also see that there are communities within communities and, which is only natural given how we humans behave, have seen some negativism at play too, but in my opinion any TE Owner deserves praise for having the guts to get out there and provide a service too few people take ‘real’ advantage of…

    To me TEs should be the FIRST port of call for ANY INDUSTRY that needs to ADVERTISE…and which Industry doesn’t?…I align the ignorance of the wider Internet business users to what benefits TEs can bring to them to that of leaving a wheel off a four wheeled vehicle and trying to drive it along with only three attached….it can be done, but isn’t it so much easier with all four in place?!

    Admittedly it’s took me a while to get a grip and an understanding of how to get the best from a terrific service you ALL provide… I was once clueless as to their existence let alone how to use them!

    The Internet and its use as a business vehicle is expanding providing TE owners and those who are involved with them a great opportunity at hand….small business owners and their ideas need a place to market their products and services…why shouldn’t they use TEs?….I’m overjoyed that the ‘Podcast’ has been making an impact, that there are even Radio Stations appearing….I am looking forward to see how these develop…

    There will Always be a place for the traditional use of TE but they can be used for bigger things…

    Surfers can give so much other than through their clicking, they can give much more just by telling others what great places TEs are for everyone…to both Advertise in and Earn from…even some of the big shots of Internet Marketing World are finally waking up to the possibilities of what Tes can provide….they need to be encouraged and so too do the ordinary people with a simple idea of how to create wealth for themselves… that process should involve TEs in all their forms…

    The Big and the Small can have an equal standing and just as much control over their own destiny in the TE World a place where both can thrive…

    Everyone involved with the Industry should be obliged to take part in the process of expanding its boundaries because as you rightly say Marcus the bigger the TE world gets the more support it can give to all its members.

    Thank you for a great post and I hope others take up the call …

    To Your Continued Success,



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