Isn’t it All About Results for Your Business

Hi folks, I want to start off and show you how good a site is, List Joe. Note, I’m not asking you to believe this site is good on faith. Look at how we have done with it.

Legacy Team Coop 17 signups and 168.94 in sales

Rapid Fire Ads 3 signups 15.00 in sales

The reason I open with this is that the same owners, Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney are converting a traffic exchange to a mailer, Traffic Bonus. Frankly, I think mailers are their specialty. They are making a big relaunch effort today and Bill has told me personally that they already had active traffic. The relaunch will create a surge to their existing traffic and I think you can make use of it to convert to sales.

Give er a go at Traffic Bonus. If you have a program that targets the mailer industry, You will be sure to enjoy this site.

Good Luck to Jon and Bill!

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One thought on “Isn’t it All About Results for Your Business

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi Marcus this is great news. I saw your email about it today and went strait to Traffic Bonus. I was already a member. I should probably upgrade right? Sounds like you some good sign ups really fast!


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