So Good I Decided to Blog It (CSN Love)

This is an email that was sent out for CSN, but I thought it was so strong of a plan that I wanted to blog it.


Endless Returns at CSN


Oh my, I bet your thinking this sounds juicy…
well here it is.

If you secure lifetime upgrades at all six
traffic exchange in CSN, then
grab the legend no clicker upgrade, and get 15
active 555 surfers(referrals
that surf 555 pages at the six traffic exchanges
each day), you will receive a return
of 27.00 for each month you maintain the active

So think about that, your top upgrade at CSN is
free, 7.00 is put towards paying
off your lifetime upgrades, and you receive
upgraded benefits at all six traffic

I even asked Eric if we should even share this

Do you enjoy surfing, traffic exchanges, and/or
making money. Surf 555 yourself in the
above example each day and receive another 27.00
for the month plus more advertising.

That active downline even awards you free
advertising for their surfing efforts.

We love our members at CSN don’t we!

To Your Success,

Cash Surfing Network Team
Eric Goettman, the Brains
Marcus Wahl, the Heart
Ken Locatelli, the Grinder
Rodney Hage, the Inside Guy

Free slot play(chance for money) just for logging
Is there a login spotlight with cash?
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After logging in just use our quick six easy
at the bottom of the CSN dashboard page to quickly
start surfing all six sites.

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