Earning Money with the Legacy Team Coop- Powerful Mailers

Listed below was an email sent out to the Legacy Team Coop.  I thought it was valuable enough to write in stone so all could see anytime they want 🙂  Enjoy..  and hopefully enjoy making more money 🙂


We asked our #2 affiliate what the secret to
his success was in our live webinar and he said
“mailers”. Sure enough they have been quite
effective in bringing in sales.


Some pretty darn important stats for
advertising the Legacy Team Coop


Listnerds 11 signups and
311.23 in sales.


Listjoe 17 signups and 134.94
in sales.


Listjumper 9 signups and
114.00 in sales.


State of the Art Mailer 15
signups and 166.97 in sales.


Adchiever 8 signups and 81.23
in sales.


By now I’m sure your getting the picture..
the Legacy Team Coop is highly targeted towards
the mailer industry. I’ll include a blog post
here on More Effective Mailers.




If your thinking about advertising the
legacy team coop in mailers you might want to use
our best performing splash page from your
affiliate area:


P.S. Our number 2 affiliate has made
hundreds and continues to make money from his
previous promoting and he isn’t a rocket scientist
at all. Why did he end up number 2.. well he was
up against someone building their list for over a
decade 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Earning Money with the Legacy Team Coop- Powerful Mailers

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    I really like Legacy Team Coop Marcus. It get’s Adkreator out their for me into all of the nook and cranny places I am unable to reach. Well worth the money to upgrade and buy credits. I highly recommend this coop to everyone that does marketing online!

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Andrew, to be clear, those numbers are from all of our affiliates and our work. Michael Dell was the number 2 affiliate of the Legacy Team Coop, making 800.00 roughly, and he continues to take in residual income for referring people once, but, Michael did not tell us which mailers he used.

      I just wanted to highlight the success that some mailers have had for the Legacy Team Coop.

      I’m sure Michael is upgraded in some mailers, but I can’t say for sure.


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