Don’t Forget About Banners!

I think it’s really easy to forget about banners or to believe that they are not worth using for many people.  It’s really a mistake for your business to ignore them.  To begin with, if your paying a designer for a banner it’s cheaper than a splash page.  Next, you will notice a big trade off per credit in a lot of traffic exchanges.  If you get into testing banners, a .02% click through is a low conversion for a click (and this is a low end performing banner), BUT, if your getting say 30 banners per credit then that adds up to .6%.  You just take 30 times the .02.  That’s pretty powerful math wise if you consider a plain splash page performs at .10%  Splash pages are powerful branders but don’t forget that you can easily place your picture along with your banner that you are showing.  If you need help with something like that does it automatically for you.  So don’t forget about banners and your business will thank you.

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