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Where to Find Hot Bucks: Updated 6/17/2015

Just a quick list of where you can currently find Hot Bucks.

A Master Plan for Those in the Know – Traffic Exchanges

The Daily Checklist for Growing Your Business, Getting Cash, and Advertising

Bring People into CSN – Grow Your Business
Cash Surfing Network you advertise everywhere right- Larger the Advertising Pool the Better
You get to advertise the program of your choice and private message at CSN about any program
you want and change that business whenever you want while ALSO bringing people into a needed product, TRAFFIC.
Surf core 6 traffic exchanges from the Cash Surfing Network
Show Rapid Fire Ads and Legacy Team Coop inside those traffic exchanges- Earn Traffic to show your ads in many places.

Earn 10 XP badges for showing 2500 hits at RFA and 2500 hits at LTC
Place in Individual Contest and Team LTC Contest for XP and More Advertising
Control Battle Grounds at RFA – More Advertising for You and/or XP

Collect XP Badges at All Six Traffic Exchanges!
Collect Emerald Eggs for XP at All Six Traffic Exchanges!

*Collect Downline Earnings If Upgraded at CSN
*Collect 10x Downline Earnings If Upgraded at CSN and Traffic Exchange Where Downline Surfs

Collect All Other Prizes

CTP XP is converted into cash(prize pool), network recognition, and weekly prizes!

*You will surf 555 yourself unless you have the no clicker upgrade at CSN to earn this benefit
Attend a Live Webinar to Discuss You Earning the Maximum in Prizes and the Type of Prize You Want.
Discuss maximizing your results from traffic. Discuss strong traffic sources and bringing their traffic
to the network.

Webinars meet at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday

Some of you are probably thinking, yeah cool idea, piece of cake, I get what your saying.

Some might say what?? For the what in the heck are you talking about people, I will be happy to
explain the how and why of the above check list, my personal skype is mcwahl2

Find Your Team Specific Skype Group for

Listed below are links to join your team specific skype group so you can plan strategy, sneak attacks, and defenses.  You need to place the exact copy paste of the skype:? jazz into your skype window, press enter, then click on your link in the skype window.

Team Legacy: skype:?chat&blob=AREo5DdHQ7R4oPGLj8ptCMUzB4XHt4iBWGjYIsZop2vCoo8TzOgoS2-PtCnK-pHssj_xZ8k0kHo

Team Tim Tech: skype:?chat&blob=Oogl0bxrD2d6DCKmavWyXNQt6ildqROhTjeDrlCXX10rwuZq06Bzn38qvh_jLEor7kxtRGMtrathPw

Team Goettman: skype:?chat&blob=IgILTXdKzYdFfruMUhVEtUPrycODWgf6A8VzdsVjDN_MrinfC9gXyBKJLyGbb0_kKLT66K3O2tH0YupDSZ0

Team KRM: skype:?chat&blob=9xj-Gb0VRW4IaWGU_cywP2_2f1qaCtUMjJz_HG2GAHpJoLeIK8TtVOGeQFhiS4Y3G–0DCjvJsIGMQL94MzQlw

May Your Team be Rapid Fire Champions and Control the Internet!

Cash Surfing Network News for Feb. 6th

News: Dragonsurf is no longer in our paid to promote area. Find out who replaced it by logging in. Also, Easyhits4u now pays DOUBLE for paid to promote!
Legend No Clicker Upgrades please go to your hot spots area in training(the first page) and put in referral id’s for
the new programs that were added. Traffup has been killing it for new referrals with splash 9 from csn affiliate area, around 50 hits per new signup.

Join Traffup free now: Traffup

Help guide for traffup for those interested: Help Guide