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Stats Prove it’s Right on the Money! Legacy Team Coop

Greetings folks,

Today’s post is on making money with the legacy team coop.  I think there are some pretty important stats here that people will find eye opening.

First, I want to cover advertising the legacy team coop for commissions.  The best page for doing so from our affiliate area is a video page: Legacy Team Coop Splash #11. In all of the places it has been shown it’s signup rate is 1.9 signups in 10,000 hits. That may not seem that great, but were talking about signups not click throughs. We are also talking about it being advertised in every place it’s been(not just effective spots).

We are not saying that a splash page couldn’t be made to outperform it.. In fact, we encourage you to make your own and outdo us and of course to find signup rates that are better than our overall average.

Do you think affiliates don’t make good money? We have one that has generated hundreds of dollars in legacy team coop commissions alone.

Next, I want to cover using the Legacy Team Coop to advertise the Cash Surfing Network, a huge sales funnel that you can use yourself. The Legacy Team Coop has brought in 187 splash signups and 258 banner signups. The total sales is 791.00 at the Cash Surfing Network from LTC and growing. As you can see, this is an excellent combination to use together. You can use the coop as a free member and if you work hard at it you can win banners and texts. There is really nothing preventing you from using LTC to advertise the Cash Surfing Network.

The best performing Splash at the Cash Surfing Network is #9. It brings in 1.5 signups in 1,000 hits IN ALL PLACES that it has been shown. Don’t get discouraged if your source doesn’t do as well. We have used it in paid to clicks which is incredibly targeted towards that page.

As stated above, we challenge you to outperform this page. In fact, if you outperform #11 at the legacy team coop and #9 for the cash surfing network on a continual basis we would be interested in buying the page from you 🙂

If your interested in more stats on advertising the Cash Surfing Network please check out this previous blog post, CSN Stats

Till next time my friends 🙂

Rapid Fire Ads- Your Questions Answered…


When something fairly unique comes along there is bound to be questions.  Here we will try to get at them all.

First off, using RFA is very easy.  You just show the coop url link at a manual live human traffic source, earn traffic, then assign the traffic to your ads.  Below is a more technical explanation of the site.

1. What is Rapid Fire Ads?  It is a member based coop.  By using the rapid fire coop url link we can effectively be shown in tons of places because others are showing their coop url link in different places than us and then we are sharing the traffic. The unique
addition to rapid fire ads, in case you are already using the Legacy Team Coop, is that a massive game is included for our enjoyment that provides competition(advertisers might be interested in its targeting applications as well) and the viewing experience is unique.

2. How do I earn traffic at Rapid Fire Ads?  Simple, you just show your coop url link, which is found in the members area, in traffic exchanges, mailers, and paid to clicks.  The system will keep track of the credits you earn to be shown automatically.

3. Am I allowed to show the coop url link only at the battle ground sites?  NO, you can show the coop url link at any source that has live human manual interaction.

5. What is the surf ratio or trade off for earning traffic that I get if I show the RFA coop url link?  It depends on your membership level.  Free members get a .5 ratio and upgraded members can get up to a 1 credit earned per view.  In addition, you can get silver token bonuses if your team controls battle ground sites.  Silver tokens are naturally awarded for showing the coop url link.  Just control a battle ground and receive a bonus!  Trade silver tokens in for valuables including free advertising!

6. Should you use only RFA and not the Legacy Team Coop?  No.  We think you should use both since they are two different reaches and it means a faster traffic delivery.

8. What are tokens?  Tokens are bought or earned while using the site.  They can be traded in at the store for special site perks, bonuses, and advertising.  You must be logged in first to click the above link.

9. Your question not answered here?  Bring your question to our live webinar at 6pm eastern every Monday-Friday.

A Little Trick for Profit!

The click trick tip is using a site called
Easyhits4u.  For every 1,000 pages you surf there
they award you .30.  There cash out minimum is
pretty low and it’s a reasonably fast way to
generate money for clicking.  The click trick is
joining a site which we co-own, the Cash Surfing
, because you can take an affiliate page
from there and get paid for advertising it at
EH4U.  Currently, Cash Surfing Network is paying
DOUBLE what we used to for paid to promote there.
If you do something like this your getting
guaranteed money(Paid to Promote), .30 per 1,000
surfed(EH4U), AND the potential for commissions
from CSN sales.  I personally trade the .30 in for
more advertising.

Pretty simple stuff!  Join Free Now: Easyhits4u

For those that want to review Easyhits4u cash out
policy I’ll supply it here for your ease of use:
The minimum payout amount is only $3.00. They pay
through PayPal and Payza. Payouts are normally
done within 5-7 business days after a request has
been placed.

The Why and the How of Profits…

An email sent to CSN, thought it was good enough to save as a blog post as well.  Enjoy!



What is the approach to internet marketing that
has made CSN so appealing to so many people?

First off, the program doesn’t exlcude anyone.
Everyone can use it. Since we start at the very
beginning of traffic exchange use new people find
the program useful. Veterans find CSN useful
because they can give the program to beginners.

The 12 dollar signup bonus that every CSN
affiliate is able to offer gets people excited.
gets people off and running. Very few traffic
exchanges give away so much to begin. We’re happy
to do it for you to help build your business. We
pay people to complete the downline builder inside
encouraging the most follow through possible.
Login spotlights, the banner run, the login slot
machine, cash
rewards for surfing, and our paid to promote all
give people earnings to help them through the most
part, the beginning.

Do you know how discouraging it is to come into
this business, promote something, and get zero for
efforts? Anyone remember that time? We give out
rewards and we keep giving them. We are pleased
give people the option of Cash King upgrading(and
above) and being able to mass pm their referrals.
This gives you the chance
for repeat sales and a long lasting business
relationship for the referrals you worked so hard
to bring in. Did you know we
email members when they have pm messages? Works
out pretty good.
We also give these upgraded members the ability to
put the program of their choice right where your
sees it everytime they login, the members area.

This isn’t a complete replacement for an auto
responder because that tool hits people in their
email box
with your helpful advice and suggestions. You
want to cover all your bases and get into that we
have a great
suggestion for an auto repsonder in our training.
When you find out what we suggest you might like
starter email series which is available for
download, you’ll need this code: MjYwMC5NMjM1MzE=

Sometimes, I think people wonder why we
emphasize our smaller cash earnings when the
bigger money is
in your referrals and repeat sales. Well,
hopefully this email explains it to you. You know
people have similar traffic, don’t you want to use
the sites that give you the extras 🙂

Maybe your ready to join us with your traffic
journey. Still have questions about upgrading at
A little video I put together:

P.S. Darren Olander recently launched a new
mailer that has a really unique look at buying and
downline builder spots combined. He showed us a
lot of love with rapid fire ads < >
and were happy to promote his new outstanding

Another couple strong programs right now are
included in this blog post:

Hump day, middle of the week already, sometimes
it such a blur when your hard at it. Have a great

To Your Success,

Cash Surfing Network Team
Eric Goettman, the Brains
Marcus Wahl, the Heart
Ken Locatelli, the Grinder
Rodney Hage, the Inside Guy

Free slot play(chance for money) just for logging
Is there a login spotlight with cash? Find Out…

Surfing Bonuses and Cash Surfing at CSN Explained

An Advertising Engine, What you Think?

Greetings folks, today’s blog post is on a little advertising engine.  It’s a little simple trick using the site Paidverts. The site is bringing in some monster
traffic, just look at its alexa: 1675. Once you get a feel for the site you’ll understand that it’s target
audience is going to be income opportunity, but many things apply to that.

What you do is view ads to get their BAP, bonus ad points, or you straight away purchase

their ad packs.  Purchasing their ad packs is as you might imagine a much faster way to go.  Now all you do is come back and visit their site until they do an ad release.  They are

usually pretty good except for Saturday as I understand.  The BAP which you get from buying ad packs or simply viewing ads turns into ads that you view to earn money.  I just take the money I earn from viewing the ads and buy more ad packs(more advertising).  The more BAP you have

the higher value ads you’ll receive.  It’s really pretty darn simple and with the site being so popular, it’s an easy way to advertise.  I like easy don’t you?

This is how it works in a little steps so nobody can say I didn’t explain this good.

1. View BAP ads or buy ad packs

2. Earn enough to or buy an ad pack, get BAP for purchasing an ad

3. Keep coming back and do it over and over again

4. Enjoy cheap advertising

5. Don’t get carried away with this because it depends on their management to keep things going so well.  They do have some things going for them, but you know how it is sometimes

with site management.

See ya over at Paidverts

P.S.  You can buy an ad pack for 1.00