The Under Appreciated Appreciation


Wasn’t trying for a tongue twister there, just a catchy title.  Many of us in business appreciate the support we get from our customers through money.  Please don’t misunderstand me, money is critical and vital to your business, but,  you might miss appreciating a group of people that supply their time and energy to helping your business grow.  In the case of our industry, maybe you miss people that are surfing to grow your business.  Maybe you might miss the individuals that subscribe to your list or simply show up in your webinar and participate.  On the internet, word of mouth advertising is so valuable that the time and energy people put into sharing you is a HUGE force.  I’ll take this time right now to thank those that support our business with monetary votes and I’d like to thank those that have donated their time and energy to aiding us, coaching us, sharing us, and adding fuel to our fire.

I hope this broadens your perspective on the people that help grow your business.  Maybe you want to thank them!

Show You Care and Share

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