Affiliate Work Made Darn Simple!


Sometimes I just post an email that was sent out if I think it is really good.  I thought this one was worth looking at as a blog post as well.  Enjoy!


Making it Work and it’s Fun?

Well, as I often do I went into deep thought
today about the shape
of the industry. I went through a little thought

Here is a little secret on the Cash Surfing
Network. I’m gonna
put a conservative estimate on upgrades at all six
traffic exchanges at
4.00*6= 24.00 and plus 7.00 upgrade at csn = 31.00
(Just Beg Eric for a special batch deal till he
caves in, jk)

Did you know if you surf 555 daily with this
above set up it amounts to
27.00 a month. That almost makes your upgrades
free. Now if you find 15 active 555
surfers to do the same thing your making 54.00.
That spells 23.00 profit a week
with free upgrades!

If you feeling snazzy you could get lifetime
upgrades at the six tes and get
the no clicker upgrade at csn. Then you don’t
even have to surf to earn 27.00 a month
if you have the 15 active 555 surfing downline.

Now the fun stuff, did you know you can find
Hot Bucks on all six core traffic exchanges?
Did you know you earn the famous XP Badges at each
of the six traffic exchanges? Then, you
can show the two Legacy coop url links and earn XP
badges at those sites and your traffic
gets all over the internet.

You know just read this twice to fully grasp
it. I think its fun and productive.
Now the million dollar question, just what the
heck do you advertise? Well, thats part of
the fun of online business and the decision
obivously effects how much you’ll be making. Here
are some suggestions:

Legacy Team Coop:
Rapid Fire Ads:
A little bit more advanced, a squeeze page to
your list that promotes all these programs and
lets everyone know your helpful hints to online
business. Help with this is so easily found
and explained in the above payitkoreward.

To Your Success,

Cash Surfing Network Team
Eric Goettman, the Brains
Marcus Wahl, the Heart
Ken Locatelli, the Grinder

Free slot play(chance for money) just for logging
Is there a login spotlight with cash?
How Many PTC Ads Are Available? Find Out…

After logging in just use our quick six easy
at the bottom of the CSN dashboard page to quickly
start surfing all six sites.


Did you make it this far 😉

Have a great week!

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  1. Mona

    Marcus this is an excellent blog post and much to take in. But you did not miss a thing but Corinas name in SAS. Tweeted and a thumbs up. Very good reading! Bravo!


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