302 Million Reasons to Read this Blog Post

Twitter has 302 million monthly active users.

How Can You Use it For Your Business?

If you are brand spanking new to twitter don’t be intimidated. This program was built for
simplicity. To follow just means to hear from someone. If someone follows you that just means
they want to hear from you. The above diagram shows how to easily navigate twitter.

What do we know about Twitter Users?

The largest user group is Asia Pacific at 33% and closely behind is North America at 24%.

The largest age group is 18-29 years of age at 37%

Statistics taken from BusinessInsider.com View More Stats There

The Way Twitter Organizes Itself

A # or pound sign is used to break things into categories or conversations. So say we wanted to talk about this blog and have a conversation about it we would use #contentzoos along with our messages in our tweets so that we could easily track this conversation down with the search box

I view the # or pound sign system as a mini search engine as well We can expect people searching for say #blog to find tweets that we have put #blog in. For a tag that is that popular we would expect a lot of competition

Those are two big reasons to understand the simple adding of a # to whatever tag word you need.

What tag or # should we use for maximum search strength? Great question. A software developer thinks they have the answer. Check out Ritetag.com if your interested. I tried it out and I’m currently playing with it. It works to give you maximum and proper exposure in the # searches of twitter.

In summary, use twitter to accomplish some amazing things with networking and organic traffic. Take it a step further with Ritetag.com to maximize your #’s. There are 302 million reasons to do it!

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6 thoughts on “302 Million Reasons to Read this Blog Post

  1. Saul Fleischman

    Thanks for the kind words about RiteTag, Marcus! If you would be interested in seeing what’s coming and getting some ideas on what to easily do with the stats that come up when you click in a hashtag in Twitter, etc. (with the RiteTag extension running), please email me for my availability.

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Saul is the owner of Ritetag.com by the way. You deserve the kind words 🙂 I’d love to meet up with you sometime and discuss the finer details of your program. Thanks for commenting.


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