The 1 Word All Great Business Owners Mastered

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How could one single word be so powerful?  I’ll show you that, in fact, it is.

The word is DECIDE– Make a CHOICE from a number of alternatives.  Cause to come to a resolution.

This is a highly psychological matter that has real results.  It is when you DECIDE that you are going to make something work that the magic happens.  Vision is entirely necessary, but, it never becomes a reality without the DECISION of ACTION and PERSISTENCE.

I’m reminded of a recent quote I read “Vision without Execution is Delusion” and the recent bit I heard from Tony Robins, “When you burn the boat and jump on the island”.  It’s that time when you Decide there is no other way.  You go all in.  Your willing to do whatever it takes and it’s at that point that a future successful business owner is born.

Your goal becomes clear and outside support is no longer even needed.  Vision, Will, and Action are all pumping.  The business you have taken on is a part of you.  It all rests on one single word…

Are you ready to DECIDE that your going to make your business a success?




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4 thoughts on “The 1 Word All Great Business Owners Mastered

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi Marcus this is a great post. That is so important to Decide to make your business a success. There is no turning back, no giving up – only persistence and moving forward. You need to do what it takes to get the job done. And you need the whys. For one I need to take care of myself and the birds. That is top priority, and I need to take care of my Adkreator members – another top priority. Then I want to be able to take care of orphaned parrots and other birds one day. So there is no turning back. I gotta make it work.

  2. Tim Hanson

    Marcus I have long used the word DECIDE when evaluating not only business but just about anything I come in contact, life, family and offline work it applies to all things and is so much more than a word.

    D- Determine what it is you want to accomplish
    E- Estimate what you need to do ( otherwise known as develop a plan)
    C- Choose the potential paths you might want to take
    I- Identify and focus on the best actions or options
    D- Do the best action, Do the best option
    E- Evaluate Progress. If its not working step back through the process and try again

    Something to think about . Great post


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